As part of my studies at the CEGEP of Vanier, I made these 4 following animations, each using a different animation technique. Each animation retraces the misadventure of our unfortunate Unlucky Charms.

Unlucky on the Target

This is a animation of the unfortunate Unluncky Charms on a target, thi animation was made on GSAP with SVG graphics and Java Script.

Tic tic BOOM !

This animation is also made on GSAP with SVG graphics and JavaScript, but here, the unfortunate Unlucky Charms is gagged with bombs in a lift!


The unlucky boat

Unlucky Charms is not very comfortable on a boat and you can see that! Animation made in Frame by Frame

Unlucky Charms on the boat

Run Run !

This animation is made using the Sprite Sheet technique. It is the endless story of the Unlucky Charms running away from a bullet.